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Church Vigil

Why a monastery in the city?

One of the only urban monasteries in the United States, monks have lived in the heart of Newark, New Jersey since 1857. Living in community according to the Rule of St. Benedict, the monks pray together five times a day while wholeheartedly serving the People of God through active apostolates in Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School, Saint Mary’s Church, and other missions around Greater Newark. Vowed to stability and deeply committed to pursuit of God and service to the Church in the heart of urban New Jersey, monastic life at Newark Abbey is one of the country's most unique witnesses to the Light of Faith.

Abbey in Winter

Stability provides a rootedness which gives the monk a stability of mind and spirit, allowing him to seek God specifically in this place.

Humility allows us to detach from the self and draw closer to God through others.

Conversatio Morum is our daily commitment to grow in conformity to the monastic way of life and live according to the example of Christ.

Hospitality allows us to welcome the other. In this way we honor each individual as we would welcome Christ.

Stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.
— Luke 24:49