Can I become a monk if I am a newly baptized Catholic?

Yes, however, there is a waiting period required in church law of two (2) years before a neophyte can enter religious life.

How long does it take to be come a monk?

The formation process takes several years. The typical monastic formation period is about 5 years.

Am I too old to become a monk?

We have a ceiling of 45 for entering formation as a monk, however you should contact the vocation director to discuss options since exceptions can be made depending on circumstances.

Can I become a monk if I am a Roman Catholic Diocesan Priest or a member of another religious or secular institute?

Yes, however, you would need permission from your local ordinary (bishop or major superior) and would need to follow all the procedures of canon law, as well as be accepted by the monastic community. Although the priesthood is a beautiful calling, when a diocesan priest or religious becomes a monk he must go through the same novitiate as all other monks and he is not granted an easier path, simply because he is a priest (see Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 60) . The same is true of those who have formerly been in religious life, or who transfer from another institute. We currently have two monks who have been through the transfer process and would attest that the process although challenging is rewarding.

Can I become a monk if I am divorced?

You can become a monk, only if you have had your previous marriage annulled by the Church, have received a "Declaration of Nullity," and have already fulfilled any and all requirements toward children (i.e. child support, child has met the age of emancipation, etc.). Only at that point would we be able to accept an application from a previously married candidate.

Are monks able to stay in touch with family and friends?

Yes, monks often see and communicate with their family and friends in their spare time which is not set aside for prayer, lectio, or community obligations. Many monks speak with their families and friend regularly and visit with them particularly during holidays and vacation times.

Do monks go on vacation?

Yes. Once professed as a monk, junior monks may take a week of vacation each year and solemnly professed monks may take up to three weeks each year.