Recommended Readings

Below are a selection of recommended readings for those interested in learning more about Newark Abbey, monasticism, and monastic prayer. We invited those interested in a monastic vocation to begin by reading the Rule of St. Benedict in its entirety. Many a monk has discovered their vocation by hearing God speak to them in the words of the Holy Rule.

Newark Abbey

Albert Holtz, OSB. Downtown Monks: A Benedictine Journey in the City. 

Augustine Curley, OSB. “Monks and the City--A Unique New Experience.” 

Judith Valente. "St. Benedict’s on 60 Minutes: Witnessing A Miracle In Newark." America (March 2016).

Scott Pelley. "The Resurrection of St. Benedict's." 60 Minutes (March 2016). (While not a reading, this 13-minute segment is many people's first introduction to Newark Abbey) 

Stephen Adubato. "How these Benedictine monks’ vow of stability affects their students." America (September 2021).

Thomas McCabe. Miracle on High Street: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of St. Benedict's Prep in Newark, NJ.


St. Athanasius. Life of Antony

St. Basil. The Long Rules - I & II.

Basil Hume, OSB. Searching for God. 

St. Benedict. The Rule of Saint Benedict. (RB 1980 is the official text used by Newark Abbey. The complete Latin-English text with extensive notes and commentary is extremely edifying!)

Charles Cummings, OCSO. Monastic Practices.

Bl. Columba Marmion, OSB. Christ, the Ideal of the Monk.

Columba Stewart, OSB. Prayer and Community: The Benedictine Tradition. 

David Knowles, OSB. The Benedictines: A Digest for Moderns. 

St. Gregory the Great. Life and Miracles of St. Benedict: Book Two of the Dialogues. 

Jean-Charles Nault, O.S.B. The Noonday Devil: Acedia, the Unnamed Evil of Our Times. 

Jerome Oetgen. The American-Cassinese Congregation: Origins and Early Development (1855-1905) Part 1.” American Benedictine Review 56, no. 3 (September 2005): 235-264.

———. “The American-Cassinese Congregation: Origins and Early Development (1855-1905) Part 2.” American Benedictine Review 56, no. 4 (December 2005): 418-454.

Michael Casey, OCSO. A Guide to Living in the Truth: St. Benedict’s Teaching on Humility.

———. Strangers to the City: Reflections on the Beliefs and Values of the Rule of Saint Benedict. 

Michael Casey, OCSO and David Tomlins, OCSO. Introducing Benedict’s Rule: A Program of Formation. (This is the primary text used in Newark Abbey novitiate classes)


Aelred Squire, OP. Asking the Fathers: The Art of Meditation and Prayer. 

Bernhard Anderson. Out of the Depths: The Psalms Speak for Us Today.

David Stanley, SJ. “A Suggested Approach to Lectio Divina.” American Benedictine Review 23 (March 1972): 439-455.