Newark Abbey - St. Benedict's Prep Community Welcome Benedictine Volunteers

It’s July and that means our new team of Benedictine Volunteers has arrived!  This year the monks of Newark Abbey and the faculty and staff of St. Benedict’s Prep welcome Ryan Gall, Kevin Lamb, and James Mello.  Ryan and Kevin join us as Benedictine volunteers from Saint John’s in Minnesota and Jim Mello joins us as a volunteer from Franciscan University.


At Saint John’s Ryan studied Biochemistry and played violin in the orchestra.  He is interested in track and basketball, and is willing to take any opportunities to work with sports teams.  Ryan will be teaching the public health elective at the Prep during fall/winter terms. The elective was begun by his Benedictine Volunteer predecessor, Mr. Lincoln Mullings


While studying at Saint John’s Kevin majored in Mathematics and Music. He also ran track and cross country, and helped start Saint John’s chess club last year. In addition, Kevin plays the trombone and is currently learning to play jazz piano. Kevin will be teaching an elective on game theory during fall/winter.


Jim was a history and theology major at Franciscan University and spent a summer studying in Austria. Some of his interests are running, soccer, and travel.  Jim spent time at St. Benedict’s last summer phase and is looking forward to spending the year here with the St. Benedict’s Prep community.  Jim will be teaching an elective on American immigrant history for the fall/ winter phase and will be proctoring the coding elective offered at SBP.


The Newark Abbey/ St. Benedict’s Prep community welcomes our new volunteers and wishes them much success as they work in the community and educate the young men of the Prep.  Please pray for them and for us!