The Entrance of Br. Bruno Mello into the Novitiate Marks an Historic Milestone for the Abbey!

This evening, the 16th of October 2020, Br. Bruno (James) Mello was received into the Novitiate of the Benedictine Abbey of Newark by Abbot Melvin and the Monastic Community. Br. Bruno is originally from Connecticut.  Prior to his postulancy and novitiate he taught at St. Benedict's prep and worked as a Benedictine Volunteer. 

The name of Bruno was conferred upon him in honor of St. Bruno of Cologne.  St. Bruno was born in Cologne in what is today, Germany.  He studied theology and was later appointed as the Chancellor of the Diocese of Rheims, and later he was named to be appointed the bishop of Calabria.  He declined to accept the appointment.  St. Bruno went on to take a private vow denouncing secular affairs and later went on to found the Monastic Order of the Carthusians. 

God Willing, Brother Bruno will take simple vows next October 17, 2021 – The Feast of St. Ignatius of Antioch.


The entrance of Br. Bruno into the Novitiate marks an historic moment for the monastic  community.  For the first time in decades, Newark Abbey now has three novices at a time - Br. Robert of Molesmes, Br. Rafael, and Br. Bruno. 

Our Brother Robert having begun his novitiate a year ago today will make his first profession of vows as a monk of Newark abbey tomorrow at 10:30 AM in the Abbey Church.  Join us for the Livestream of the Mass of Profession at the link below:

Please pray for our Br. Bruno to persevere as he begins his way in the monastic life as a novice and please pray for a continued increase in vocations to the monastic life here at Newark Abbey!

See more about the entrance to novitiate on our facebook page.

Pictured below from left to right are our novices: Br. Robert, Brother Bruno, and Br. Rafael.